Feminist Verse

some people waitin’ for y’all to realize it’s true/ others they hatin’ but they not sure who/ to blame so things stay the same/ fools ain’t got the brain to change/ or maybe it’s the heart/ their attitudes are like a fart/

their ego smells/ they treat women like they just crawled out of hell/ ladies are trying but you pushed ’em and they fell/ they’re trying to take care of us, talk sense to us/ just stop for a minute like the bus/

I’ll beat you to a dry pulp like snuff/ so you’ll know what it’s like to be treated rough/  she gave you life, she cooks your food/ the least you can do is maintain a good mood/ swallow your pride before it’s chewed/ the message is legit but the rhymes are crude/

if all you see is pussy I know who the bitch is/ we gotta help each other light up flip them switches/ stimulate the mind too connect strong like hitches/ you can’t buy someone no matter how much riches