Bruised Elbow

And larks sounded

Higher in pitch

Than a space elevator

Dogs whined

Like scoundrels

Purple skies dotted with

Cold stars innumerable

Wandered across my eyes

In wait for an opportunity

To stabbeth mine back

In quick revenge

For sixpence

Sir St. John’s

Churchyard opens

Wide to reveal poor

Yoric’s dull skull

Mirrored ambition

Takes first

After lots were cast

Dinosaurs wore ferns

For laurels when your

Godfather was born.


let your mind wander but don’t let it get lost

steaming breath rises and settles as frost

no rain to dance in no matter how high the cost

where’s the equality between the grunt and the boss

the world spins so keep your head on straight

keep on casting til you lose your bait

just because you can get away with it doesn’t mean it’s fate

push a boulder up a hill at any rate

underneath it all you feel small because you are

gazing upward from the mountaintop into afar

under pressure reverse squeezing the bar

don’t let anyone swap your brandy for tar

and perfect crystals shone in my mind

just in time to help me unwind

Blind Butterfly

oh blind butterfly

you’ll never know your beauty

you’ll never see the swallow

before it does its name to you

but until then

the alcohol in your veins

will see you through the winter

join us if you can

no one’s giving up on you

power, drive, will

you’ll need these in clovers

to sing your ballad properly

confusing neutrality for negativity

never helped

don’t share your precious pain

allow the Jedi to enter your mind

build jerry-rigged wings

yet you feel like you can’t alight anywhere

too much clutter maybe on toast

the question is chemical the answer is spiritual

float on



the shine off the armor you’ve built

to keep others out blinds me

I do my river dance and nothing happens

I watched him wander lonely as a cloud and

the wind and grass tickled my ankles

the snow crunched under my feet defiantly

A fit seizes me like hearing your favorite song

my eyes roll back into a false past which dogs me

I wipe the lenses and push for a brighter future

take off the armor, amore, and let’s sit and watch

the world play in slow motion


fresh mead

grain like grass tickles the sky from the ground

flowers wink coyly waiting to be picked

even fruit abounds, grapefruit or cherries?

the Sun smiles down over it all and a gentle haze has set in

its quiet now, no people to disturb the wildlife

at first just a few small birds appear to welcome the animals to the stage of unfettered life

but after these little harbingers crusade into the locus, others are on their heels

a deer hops over some brush and announces itself with an ear flick

the pond sits and watches it all, reclining into the Earth peacecfully

A goose alights on his belly.

the golden meadow stretches nearly as far as the eye can see before it is swallowed by a forest

but here in the mead, all is swell and the air is fair


What a Way to Live

I’m a cat

I slink and pace around the house

with none of the satisfaction that cats naturally have

I suck my good feelings through a pipe

I dream, but mostly nightmares

my actions feel dreamlike

cold water

smarter, better, faster stronger and I know it

I try to find true freedom, but the guard is in my mind

I suppose I should be grateful I don’t have the hairballs


creek’s frozen

2018-01-03 14.49.42Frozen and red-hot needles poised

rivers of pain and remorse

air thin, almost brittle

no where a soft surface whereupon to lay one’s head

demons dance and djinnies play

foreboding ever-present clouds of disappointment

a tin roof sags from the weight on Sunday afternoon

apparitions disappear and enter with practiced ease

laughter of the most rotten kind abundant, echoing

a chill which gnaws at the bones

a cold day in hell