Rainy Morn


The groggy sun rises late while

Pious mountains and humble hills watch the modest sky

Fingers of amber reeds rake the wind

Fish awaken slowly and hungrily

The film of the lake surface is immaculate but it doesn’t conceive

And lights wave to us in the foggy distance

The air though, is pregnant

Elusive solitude soothes the soul

Nature’s cycles, her stillness areĀ a comfort to wary travellers on who come to this stop weary

emotionally disheveled. Each person’s island is a sacred gift, not to be exploited or forgotten

Thoughts waltz across the dancefloor of my mind and exit as gracefully as they entered

This peace I wish for all, this chance to remember what we are and why we’re here

The Spikey Fruit No One Knows the Name of

Why crawl when you could run through fields that have never known mines.

The river dances over stones and stumps

Raindrops  pierce the under-lit sky

Lush flora weep with willows

And shadows play on beaten paths

Cold Sun lounges, approves

Arms salad

The olive trees cry

Unanticipated constipation of the brain and die are ee ah of the mouth

Of the cave to wind washed Meadows

Lamb sleep wolves surrounding

Cloud covers moon

Cat hops in the street

Foamy seas watch pollen hunt

Unwed feti can’t believe

Tremendous things for you and me

Not cool Venus’ curves

Breath soft on still valleys

Through the fingers and into the icey mud