What a Way to Live

I’m a cat

I slink and pace around the house

with none of the satisfaction that cats naturally have

I suck my good feelings through a pipe

I dream, but mostly nightmares

my actions feel dreamlike

cold water

smarter, better, faster stronger and I know it

I try to find true freedom, but the guard is in my mind

I suppose I should be grateful I don’t have the hairballs


The Time Out

profile of a goose at a BoCo Open Space pond

I definitely don’t have enough time to fully express what I wish to on this subject, however I will write a post anyway. People must be allowed to make mistakes. And they must be given second chances. Too many times have my loved ones rubbed my face in an old mistake as a frustrated dog owner rubs their pet’s nose in a pile of their own excrement that fell inside the house. When I make a mistake, let me truly take responsibility for it and give me a chance to do it correctly. I do learn from my mistakes, but without a chance to prove it, I am left feeling worthless and cheated. Some mistakes, for me many, must be made by yourself. Just seeing someone else make it doesn’t usually make as much of an impression. We are all human beings, so we need to have some humility, compassion, and patience and give people breaks when they screw up; especially our family and friends. I’ll try not to take it personally, but I won’t lay down and continue to get stepped on by those who underestimate my ability or resolve. As someone who’s boxed a little, I like to write fighting metaphors. Although life is nearly always a struggle, sometimes you need to take a round off and just go try to think and relax by yourself. Today I was upset, and generally when I’m upset I look for someone to discuss it with, and it generally helps. But I want to be strong enough to deal with things myself, in case there isn’t anyone around at some point. Perhaps I just need to get closer to my friends, but this afternoon I just wanted to sort out the problem that resides between my two ears between my two ears. The experiment was succesful, I was able to find some serenity when I needed it. I went to a picturesque park with several ponds and geese and jogged on the trail for a while. When I was done, I realized I was feeling better and the problem didn’t seem so bad. I recently read off of one of those signs they change weekly in front of a church, “For every Goliath there is a stone” Well put. Por favor, no permite las problemas ni nadie derrotarte.