Temptations ch.1

No great play or story ever began by someone deciding not to do something i.e. explore, strive, take a risk or a leap. Jon Daley decided not to eat an everything bagel. The damn poppy seeds end up everywhere. He did decide to prove to Amanda he was the right guy for her. The only problem is that of course he wasn’t. To everyone else, including Amanda, this was abundantly clear, like a cloudy day versus a typical Colorado day. But Daley was undeterred, uninhibited, and unrestricted in his pursuit of whom he assumed the Almighty had created just for him. His advances were met with cautious disregard and he scratched his head, assuming she was just playing hard to get. She had other things on her mind. She had a sick grandparent and a dead parakeet. Bills piling up and no job and she was nearly out of cigarettes to boot. Oh did I not make that clear? Everyone could see Jon shouldn’t be with Amanda because he was out of her league. Glad we cleared that up. Now, Jon really just wanted the quiet domesticity that life living with a spouse could provide if adequately maintained. He was a low-confidence man in general, and though he had immense potential, with his personality, it could never be fully realized.

Amanda’s life was a garbage can of chaos, bitterness, and ill-will. She hated people and anxiously awaited the grisly death she was sure was meant for her. She smoked her cigarettes to the filter or until they burnt her lips if they were filter-less. Sure, she dreamed of brighter days, but only when she was high. She had given up giving a fuck a lo-o-ong time ago and didn’t see the use in returning to her former giving-a-fuck ways. Her teeth were in poor shape and she itched nearly incessantly. Jon was a moderately successful mortgage broker from Queens. He grew up playing baseball and eating hot dogs like every American boy should. Amanda struck him the way she did because of this recklessness she embodied. Jon had met here one day when his car broke down and he had to walk to borrow a phone to call the tow truck and a Lyft. They nearly collided. It was raining, drops persisting to find their way to the ground for two days straight now, and she was waiting for the bus to take her to a run-down dive bar where she would find the company of cool beer, cigarette burn holes, and empty-hearted individuals with nothing better to do. He was wiping the smudged screen of his dead-batteried cell phone with his lapel when she took a step back, hearing the busses tires hissing down the street towards her and the stop.

“Sorry,” he gurgled automatically.

“Excuse you, I mean me” she offered apathetically.



Invisible Beauty


I’m looking for my angel. She’s invisible.

Until the exact right moment in time. That precious tick…

She will be the extra gust of wind in my sails

She will be my companion, my confidant, my muse.

We will talk about politics and current events and never get upset over it.

We will explore the world together. One day.

We will only have eyes for each other

We will build a home on our principles

We will laugh, cry, dance, fuck, and yes, argue.

But it’s okay. We love someone because we let them hurt us.

Pain is worth it if God forbid…

I hope love is still real



One Plus One

tempted eyes bait silken desire to groomed webs

whilst secret smiles steal across pure lips red

and lovers roll in noontime bed

invitations carved in starry hearts

watch the steady flights of hungry darts

Soft melodies lull, full of lush tempers

a rainbow rises mid-storm, greeting the travelers

finding peaches piled up high

dreams linger o’er ashen limbs nigh

gentle brushes on a glowing ember

lazy requests, looks tender

time’s restless ghost wonders

honest hearts measure quick blood

how many layers down will we recognize

and yield to the fire without smoke

who’s smoldering smooth as twilit rivers

where rich comforts beg ecstatic shivers


Take a Moment

Boulder Falls

Blue thunder crashes down onto and then splashes off the mossy sandstone, pulverizing the riverbed into submissive sand. Refreshing mist greets the bystander’s face. The spruces, pines, and firs bask in the crisp autumn sunlight. A nearly leafless aspen is a spinal cord with nerves reaching out in all directions to feel the shadow suffocate the valley. A lone pine stands proudly atop the falls as though it’s modeling the latest needles from the Ponderosa line. And it all matches her perfectly. Her skin is gentle and brown like the sand we stand on. Her eyes are reminiscent of of the pines’ bark, a rich almond. The mountainside is tall and noble as she is. Her smile is as hypnotizing as the rushing waterfall. She picks me a flower. I accept it graciously and embrace her. We hold hands and smile at each other. We enjoy the scenery and the moment and ask some strangers to take a photo of us. Young love preserved in film, a sweet memory. When things are tough, we must think of times like this, and remember how calm and pleasant life can be.


Several dogs running loose and people walking ...

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A new calendar. A W-2 form. A presidential election in November. An infant marriage. A freshly printed photo radar red signal violation citation. Hopefully some new medical insurance and some new sugar meter strips. This new year, 2012, is sure to bring many things, exactly what no one knows, or if they do, they’re doing a better job of keeping the secret than I could. Now on to the brightest star in my sky, my wife, who told me she had a good poop, with plenty of toys and a celeb magazine to keep her company. I’m her dog. And at times we have to pick up each other’s proverbial poop. She has to learn to let up on the leash, lest I misbehave when she takes me to the dog park. From a relationship with a pet to a marriage, the same basic elements apply; trust, love, care, and patience. Not forgetting, of course, to keep clear the blood vessels of communication joining the two hearts.

Friends, I have come to realize that my blog has been severely derailed from its original purpose, which is to discuss comedy entertainment. I plan to make at least one more blog to discuss philosophy and politics, while keeping my musings, thoughts on life and love, and comedy here. Look for the new politics/news/philosophy blog soon it may be called powerpoliticsblog or something more newspapery. Hasta la proxima, estes bien.

“[Back to George and Nancy in bed. George is looking quite pleased  with

himself. Nancy, on the other hand, looks…bewildered…pleasantly


Nancy: Wow. That was…*great*. I mean…*wow*.

George: It just came to me.

Nancy: I—I’ve never in my life have—have I—. What was that?

George: You mean in the end?

Nancy: Uh-huh.

George: A counter-clockwise swirl.” -The Fusille Jerry

Back and Better than Ever

Dr. Drew helps us buy paint :)

It’s been a long time, shouldn’t left you without a dope blog that’s fresh too. Aww yeah.  If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing, I’ve been grabbing flies with chopsticks, stroking the hair on my chin thinking about how the hairs never fall back the same way, drinking tea, meditating, and, of course, practicing Jeet Kune Do. Oh, wait, was that me or Charlie Sheen? Wasn’t me I’ve been stuck at work and school.

Stand by Your Woman

I had it all planned out a few days ago; an epic post about a near relationship-ending “fight” I got in with my girlfriend, but right now it seems rather petty and trite as she’s on her way to a hospital in Denver  because she’s having pain from a recent surgery. I love her like salt loves water, it was terrible to hear her whining in agony on the phone. I couldn’t even think. She is the electrochemical signals in my nerves. I pray she will be alright. Our fight was over something worthy of KBPI’s Loveline with Dr. Drew. At any rate, she said, “I think you need a break from me. Let’s be friends.”

To which I replied, “It’s too late for that. We can’t go back now. I don’t want to just be friends. I mean I would, if I had to, but we owe it to ourselves to give this a shot. I think you’re scared.”

“No you’re scared,” she insisted, “We’ll just be friends for a week, and if you still want to be with me after that, then fine.”

“Okay,” I responded. “If I must, I’ll wait a week.” Truthfully, it scared the bejesus out of me. I didn’t want to lose her. I just knew I loved her. The next day, she called while I was at work and I told her, “Look, that stuff doesn’t matter to me. I just want to be with you.” So we made up and she knows I really care about her.

Us guys today, with free internet porn and hip-hop culture demeaning women as “hoes” just good for sticking your “jimmy” into and not calling, we’re confused individuals. Unfaithful men such as Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods are idolized for their chauvanism. Men get this fantasy into our heads and act as if getting off is the all-important end we’re after. What a joke. It’s all fake, it’s sad. Who really wants to be a player? Free love isn’t hurting anyone as long as you do it safely, it is just not for me. But doesn’t everyone really just want a soul mate, a best friend, someone to sit on the beach and have babies and grow old with? I’m going to say the same things I always say. Be true to yourself, try to pry away from the fallacies and disrespect and just look for a human being you get along with. Don’t walk in with expectations, just let things happen, or not happen, naturally. Don’t be afraid to walk away from the TV or computer screen and put yourself out there. And when you get a lady, stay true to her and treat her like the flower she is.

Random thought for the day: You never know who’s going to make an impact in your life; could be  a stranger, a friend, or someone you know and don’t like.

Sick and Lovesick

Headgear and boxing gloves are mandatory in Ol...

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Cliché. Darn, I didn’t want to open with a cliché. Oh well, life goes on. Did it again! Life ain’t always peaches and roses, or perhaps it is, but sometimes they smell and taste sweet and other times you get thorns and a rotten peach. We don’t give up, though. Everyone needs a little help, and we get it from different places. Friends, family, therapists, co-workers, classmates, teachers, even strangers. Life is good, despite this abominable head cold. Anj (thissinglelife.com) purported that love should be easy and fighting means that it isn’t ‘meant to be’ and people should aquiesce to their whimsical frustrations, and quit on eachother. Love is, without a doubt, a fickle affair, as William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream so eloquently demonstrates. Anj is not entirely wrong, not entirely. I may not be the most experienced dater, but for me, some loves are worth fighting for. Wrapping your hands, skipping rope, shadow boxing, lacing up your gloves, climbing into the ring and fighting for. Swinging and ducking and moving with all you’ve got until the final bell echoes and the blood and sweat drip and the crowd cheers and the cornermen hustle and the trainers implore. You’ll know when it is worth it. You’ll have the courage, the determination, the raw will pulsing through your arteries. I hope everyone gets a chance to feel that way. And that your oppenent is game and just as driven as you are. A good nickname is always good, too. Jermaine ‘bad intentions’ Taylor, Jake ‘the raging bull’ Lamotta, Erik ‘el terrible’ Morales, Oscar ‘the golden boy’ De La Hoya, Jack ‘the galveston giant’ Johnson, Isaac ‘the iceman’ Furtney, Justin ‘the highlander’ Apple. Who knows what could happen after you both win. Eight o clock on a Thursday night dressed up, succulent food, a little wine, holding hands over the table, a warm gaze, bothing laughing over a bad joke, falling asleep with your sweetheart in your arms. Sea bien mis amigos y recuerdes; nunca renunciar.