I pour my pain in a bottle

Break it over my head and laugh

Trying to find your frequency

Before the light gets too bright

And washes everything out

This bump in the road

Will change your perspective

Keep it clean figuratively and literally

Or we’ll all be drenched in filthy scum

A butterfly flaps its wings

Tsunami breeches the nuclear plant

Radiation grows abundant

The fear is worse than the bottle of pain

Drink up and understand

Put your phone in an otter box

Let it swim away

I’m a hypocrite by accident

Sirens call me but I ignore them

Sweat soaks your back

The ladder just got ten feet higher

Look down but keep your chin up

Up and away

We go parallel

Lining our pockets

Of life sustaining water

You waiting for

Watch the clock

Listen to it tick

Crawling under your skin

Radiant with radiation

Blissful disaster

I saw it coming

Clean and green

Mother nature’s Spring children

Slowly at play

Pause, rewind, fast forward?

Only over the commercial advertisements

Despite their cleverness

Humanity destroys itself after murdering the planet

Do what you can please

Yourself knowing you’re making a difference

Between 7.6 billion and 8.7 million reasons

Knot doll hairs

Detangle the mess don’t accept it

Reject the notion and its implications

Let go of your petty frustrations and think of other beings

While you chew them


The first Earthrise photographed by humans

Image via Wikipedia

Spoiler: our society is flawed. I am not just talking about the society of the United States of America either, although we are just as guilty, and in some regards more so, than anyone else. “Okay,” you’re thinking, “what an ingenious observation, please do tell more,” sarcastically, and what you’re actually thinking is, “Well freakin’ DUH! But what do we do about it and where do we start, jackass?” Well, I am not sure. Right now, I am simply trying to watch. Really watch, and see what’s going on around me. Not what the sensationalist, yet censored media says is going on.

If you disagree that it’s censored, then count how many times in your life you’ve seen soldiers’ caskets on television or any other even semi-graphic images of the reality of war or poverty. I am not saying that the Romans shouldn’t have fed Christians to the lions for sport, or that the Allies shouldn’t have penalized Germany so ruthlessly after the Great War, or that scientists shouldn’t have invented the nuclear bomb, or that we all shouldn’t allow people to starve and die of diarrhea all over the globe, or that George W. Bush and like-minded conservatives destroyed the western economy, or that abortion should be illegal and pot should be in the pharmacies (perhaps I’m suffering from diarrhea of the typing fingers and constipation of the brain as borrowed (though modified) from the mind of author Christopher Paul Curtis).

What I am trying to say is this: all of our problems are caused by pride, greed, wrath, sloth, lust, gluttony, and envy, which are results of frustration, terror, bewilderment, dishonesty, and ingratitude. This will be the work of our human race to eliminate these defects as much as possible. First, let us do away with the concept of currency. It breeds only inequity, dissatisfaction, and selfishness. Aristotle and the Western philosophers will tell you that money is an instrumental good, that it, drugs, and weapons are desired solely for the sake of gaining something else, and therefore, will never make a person happy. This is as opposed to intrinsic goods, which are desired in their own right, such as the arts, anonymous altruism, and personal character building.

Man has also been prideful, assuming that God intended us to numerically and physically dominate the Earth, and that we will naturally solve all of our self-imposed crises. The problems are; we don’t dominate the Earth in either respect and that we are ruining it for everyone and everything else with flagrant disregard. Why do we have agriculture? So we don’t need to follow herds of animals and harvest fruit and nuts for the winters? Perhaps that was the idea at first, a sort of safety-net against starvation. But how many people on the planet are hungry right now? Hundreds of millions? Is it safe to say billions? Yet how many are obese, dying of heart disease, and eating pounds of food each day? So, remind me, again, what has agriculture done for us? Allowed us to expand our populations and become more resilient and stronger through numbers you say. Maybe, but at what cost? When will people realize that running out of petroleum is the least of our problems? That clean water, yes H2O is already a commodity. Our current population growth rate is rapid, more and more babies are born into being pushed to the sides while a few live like kings that hit the lottery? We are the living dead.

However, there is hope. We are a miracle, God’s greatest miracle. And what is resurrection to a miracle (Og Mandino)? The people possess the faculties and will to reverse the gears of change. And it starts with individuals. If all us butterflies flap our wings together, we will be astonished at what we can overcome. It has happened in the past, and it will happen again. We have seen dark nights and bright days. We have swum upstream, and made it back to the mountain valleys from whence the river was born. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, Woodrow Wilson had an idea, Gandhi had a cause, East and West Germany had a wall to demolish, Magellan and Elcano had a world to explore, John F. Kennedy had a challenge. Revolution begins in the mind, and continues with communication and action. Know that action precedes motivation and not the other way around. Open your eyes and your mind. Assalam-alaikum, hermanos y hermanas.