Luna Lunes

passion embedded in the reeds

as they gaze at the pale small moon

shyly, at first, then brazenly and flagrantly

it consumed everything it undulated in cold circles

spiraling towards bliss

a cat watched from a distance

it licked its paw

and pondered the deepest of inquiries

in its little kitty brain

with thoughts of yarn and mice interwoven in warm squares

toasty winters of icy spectacles

land on your feet, feline friend

else find yourself an ugly end

one of one less than ten

but let’s not get bogged down by details

when such opportunity abounds

let your problems melt away

put pen to paper let your mind stray

and it’s all good, ask the gato

there’s more to it all than sex and violence

despite the soap operas

the bird calmly coasts over it all

chirping shrilly


What a Way to Live

I’m a cat

I slink and pace around the house

with none of the satisfaction that cats naturally have

I suck my good feelings through a pipe

I dream, but mostly nightmares

my actions feel dreamlike

cold water

smarter, better, faster stronger and I know it

I try to find true freedom, but the guard is in my mind

I suppose I should be grateful I don’t have the hairballs