Fight fire with fire

Let demons chase demons

Get over that hill and on to the next

Life’s too short for regrets

Don’t let desperation drive you it’ll let you down

Do things for yourself set yourself up to succeed

Don’t let your feet get tangled in the weeds

Nettle bristlecone cacti stuck like honey on your fingers

You’re all alone but you’re all you need just reach out from time to time don’t get too high on your steed

Love conquers all but can you conquer love

I think knots

I strive I half-ass I quit. Never.

Squeeze peace out of the situation with communication and tact

Never forget the ones who bring you

No or just do it cause it’s right

Borrowing Lines

Ain’t nowhere to run to. There ain’t nothing here for free

I butter my skis and jump off

Laughin’ it up like Bernie Madoff

My heart and mind clash sparks spray off

My AK JK this man fights with his words not his guns

I just wanna run-


Got my dome split

Decisions decisions kick your ribs until the bone splits

This track I own it

Racism Time on his chariot

Blazing dabs your joint barely lit

But I gotta stay clear and focus

Git up git out and get something

Don’t let the maze in your eye cast dice

Move unseen cause cartoon terror like mice

Don’t test unless you plan to sacrifice

Push yourself you can do it eat your rice

Sumo champ selling all my movie rights

That’s my dream or something close

Play close like Glenn skiing on toast