Borrowing Lines

Ain’t nowhere to run to. There ain’t nothing here for free

I butter my skis and jump off

Laughin’ it up like Bernie Madoff

My heart and mind clash sparks spray off

My AK JK this man fights with his words not his guns

I just wanna run-


Got my dome split

Decisions decisions kick your ribs until the bone splits

This track I own it

Racism Time on his chariot

Blazing dabs your joint barely lit

But I gotta stay clear and focus

Git up git out and get something

Don’t let the maze in your eye cast dice

Move unseen cause cartoon terror like mice

Don’t test unless you plan to sacrifice

Push yourself you can do it eat your rice

Sumo champ selling all my movie rights

That’s my dream or something close

Play close like Glenn skiing on toast

All in My Head

No time for writer’s block in improv or no such thing?

Faith would be nice, but I’ll settle for hope

Got to clean these dirty glasses and clear this smokey head

Get excited about life instead of counting days til you’re dead

Trying to get my hands on some paper all I can grasp are some shreds

Love finds a way to overcome it all the real and the B.S.

Makes all the fear the doubt the broken self esteem worth it in the end

Just sittin riffin tryna spill it all out

Create something express myself that way instead of shout

On second thought find me a pillow to absorb the noise

And watch out as I hurt around all my toys

An child’s distraction from an adult’s labor

Just need to remember how lucky I am and do myself a few favors

Fragments… …Photo Isaac Furtney ©2017

the treasure chest underneath the waves

seaweed sprawling in the cold sun

treacherous carcass licks flies out of the tepid air

mist thick with blood and sweat, scorned

The Great Turtle greeted the Great Pumpkin

…but it was not Tremendous.


Ariel roar’d with flam’d amazement

credits to Billy S: no plagiarism

and sand washed across the sea-floor

and hands tossed pizza dough into the air

your words float and dance across the sky, the same color

as the turbulent sea with its gentle eye


Entonces un cuarteto.

cherubim under the thumb of sweet Jove

still-vexed wine spills on the white carpet

Prospero and Caliban toe-to-toe





Walk the ponderous path, the cold air seizing your flesh

A barren valley or impending woods are suggested by the fork

Stare at each with wicked eye and clenched fingers

The heavens open, but not to yield an answer, just to lament something you’d forgotten

The fruit is not ripe, it bears nutrition but not flavor, yet it fuels the wont journey

The Sun rises without fanfare, and sets without remorse. If only you could mirror this behavior

But all the world’s a stage, your part semi-secret, your lines improvised, your actions telling…

Fearing fear itself go forth, and laugh.

Cast away your magnifying glass, and trust not your high beams

History lies and speculation disappoints as oft as they don’t

Laugh, dance and free your mind of the if’s & when’s & what will’s & what did’s for a while, and perhaps, my friend, you may find a smile.



Rainy Morn


The groggy sun rises late while

Pious mountains and humble hills watch the modest sky

Fingers of amber reeds rake the wind

Fish awaken slowly and hungrily

The film of the lake surface is immaculate but it doesn’t conceive

And lights wave to us in the foggy distance

The air though, is pregnant

Elusive solitude soothes the soul

Nature’s cycles, her stillness are a comfort to wary travellers on who come to this stop weary

emotionally disheveled. Each person’s island is a sacred gift, not to be exploited or forgotten

Thoughts waltz across the dancefloor of my mind and exit as gracefully as they entered

This peace I wish for all, this chance to remember what we are and why we’re here

poor Yorick

I see my brains laid out on the carpet maroon stains the white

I know I’m blessed but right now I just can’t see the light

My eyes are twitchin’ my fam will be missin’ my white ass

If I make that God-forbidden decision and let hell come to pass

Under my eyelids man it hurts but relief comes quick

I gotta tell you I wasn’t even depressed just sick

And tired of this bullshit it just never quits

I ain’t got enough of what I want and I needed it yesterday

Don’t want to work for it, just want it to come easy, just wanna play

Rewind it back pull the bullet into the gun

I can’t end this life now, it ain’t done

Not just for my fam but for myself

I gotta do what I can to lift myself up why else?

No other reason I just love me when it comes down to it, no pain or frustration can hide that for long

My will to live and thrive is too strong.


Invisible Beauty


I’m looking for my angel. She’s invisible.

Until the exact right moment in time. That precious tick…

She will be the extra gust of wind in my sails

She will be my companion, my confidant, my muse.

We will talk about politics and current events and never get upset over it.

We will explore the world together. One day.

We will only have eyes for each other

We will build a home on our principles

We will laugh, cry, dance, fuck, and yes, argue.

But it’s okay. We love someone because we let them hurt us.

Pain is worth it if God forbid…

I hope love is still real