poor Yorick

I see my brains laid out on the carpet maroon stains the white

I know I’m blessed but right now I just can’t see the light

My eyes are twitchin’ my fam will be missin’ my white ass

If I make that God-forbidden decision and let hell come to pass

Under my eyelids man it hurts but relief comes quick

I gotta tell you I wasn’t even depressed just sick

And tired of this bullshit it just never quits

I ain’t got enough of what I want and I needed it yesterday

Don’t want to work for it, just want it to come easy, just wanna play

Rewind it back pull the bullet into the gun

I can’t end this life now, it ain’t done

Not just for my fam but for myself

I gotta do what I can to lift myself up why else?

No other reason I just love me when it comes down to it, no pain or frustration can hide that for long

My will to live and thrive is too strong.


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