these rueful days have cherry-blosom cloud ends

so if we break the fibers to make them stronger

we can scale lunar dunes and

puddles alike

emerald pads guard the surface

rummaging through the needles

a pickled cactus pear watches conspicuously

and eyes hang on elephant ear leaves

dew between toes in a dark thicket

shadowed stalks pass judgment

runnin backwards and falling forwards

the grass tips caress one another and whisper

ignore the reflection right now, imagine deeper

willow herbs wade in handsome shade

and lead the way to mountain passes

which pity all life with furrowed brows

the wave slaps the shore

how has it been? it hasn’t seen it in how long?

…and such

but trade a thousand springs in a thousand meads

for reciprocal complication

and the right note flavoring the air



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