Hate is Visible so/ Love must Be Too

A vision of us dancing in your eyes,

Fear abandoned at the train station…

An empty aged-leather suitcase, in its

grasp want to share

with You

ne joy that i can…

&nd reach for what I can’t

Sep  a  ra  tio  ns join us

foreign beauty haunts your feat-

ures, alien iced hanged

with reckless care

I anticipate the pain eagerly..

The ‘longing’

A magnificent Catedral

impenetrable, sublime, asfarsidetounding


U Radiate/ Not an Escape or Refuge/

But an unexpected clearing in the clouds

Cause 4 EmbrAce, celebration

yUO have bombs, but you hold ’em tightly

Ch?nce meeting–strange departure

climb the ladder ’til the rungs melt to sand

Arrow zips back to the archer

flip it lift it graze it EXHALE

ticker tape taper Fingertips

foreheads collide

We needed this and didn’t know

fragrant supple gentle-hunger

frame our conversation round a near-miss kiss

Let’s do know best

take no Rest

sloshing way in my chest

free as a caged biRD in the watercress

senses and schemes in arrest.

clue trail follows paired steps

let it drop make it pop

headbangin’ wid a mop–top it off

you ain’t feelin’ it–double dose

runnin’ a race while you comatose

Let It flow like the Tigris

spring to the delta

fall into place like a magnet

love at 1st fight…gimme shelter

Imma get mine git yours

fuck patience let’s hit fours

waterfall, we fell

swimming in sheets reach

up ring that bell


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