Someday not Sunday

One must be captain of their vessel & voyage

When the eggshell shines

Take                                                       care not

As the mare trots

Disjunctive cacophony

Grease (purse) per–spiration agony

Slouched [/^/^] rocks and standing water [IoIo]

Salt the most apt fodder

I’ll dine on ~any? swine*

*That sinks into the wine

Steal a glance beneath the brine

Read-y? (to see red?)

Froth and mirth and fickle things

Can content to give you wings

I think knot though s’pose I ought

Or ought not, hot-shot.

After all,

Fie-oh-my said the fly’s eyes

Let it bee worming in de middle of the air

Flags abundant at this affair

Penalty or gaiety, leverage or folly

The bus is

L . . .a . . .t . . . e . . . so

park yourself and smell the roses

think about the paths you choses

sniff until you forget you’re sniffing

and count yourself atop the cliff—cling.

Rhymes robbed of meaning

Aaag-a-jaaag, hoonta-feerig

Bag-a-rags, moon n’ earwigs

From whence we came

So shall we

Umbrellas block the rainbows

Scoundrels weakened to the medulla

Carry songs on tainted backs

Flat, straight,                                                                                               fly for miles

Ties and bars oriented from hell-to-hell

Caged bird died and fell

Feet towards heaven, door is closing


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