Greener Pastures

Like the great philosopher Mario once said, “Here we goooo!” The black sheep finally mosies down the valley to fill up on education grass and economic leaves. He’s a very spoiled black sheep, and he likes it that way. To avoid Hollywood’s oldest cliché–over dramatizing–he decides not to begin with a Tolkein-esque epic adventure introduction. It’s just a story about a humble sheep, trying not to be a sheep–not that there’s anything wrong with sheep, per se–but the animal’s domestication has brought with it a reputation of submission. *Shrug* What’re ya gonna do?

Enough about the future. I was going to say the now is much more interesting, but obviously, we have to be careful, because a lawyer will say, “‘now,’ when he wrote that he was sitting somewhere writing. That’s not terribly engrossing.” So let’s cover our bases and say the very recent past, shall we? Thank you. Anyway, I’ve been working as a paid circulator–I know–and I have to say, it’s actually pretty amazing. I’ve met all kinds of unique individuals and had hundreds of conversations and heard dozens of rants. Each interaction can run the gamut from Wow, I didn’t realize she was breastfeeding and she’s a huge supporter of the campaign, and darnit, Freud, I meant to say we are ‘wrapping up the campaign,’ not ‘racking’ up the campaign, but ma donn (  o)! to something more like Yeah, fuck you too, old man. I’m a human being godamnit, and your parents didn’t raise you to act like that, may they rest in peace. The moral I’ve taken away from this work that I recommend you all heed is, “You never know.” You can’t judge a book by its cover. You can’t reject yourself before even making a request of someone. You can’t presume to know anything about a stranger and it is foolish to think otherwise.

That’s all for now. Stay cagey, internet.


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