Mustachioed Menace Rants and Rhymes

Left overs for lunch. Errands. Empty house. Spring more like Squish outside. Un-knotting the yarn ball. I’m trying not to assume things about people. Competitive sports improve my attitude dramatically. Constantly disgusted by humanity’s failings. Outspoken anarchist. Chipmunk seeks squirrel. Pseudo-science more like hallucinogen-science. Just ate but still hungry.


What do you want from me? What do I want from you? We GET to have wants. Our needs are taken care of. Fucking not fair.

Lost Touch (for my best friend)

I hope you’re under a palm tree somewhere, blessings falling in your lap/ your life’s been too hard like being abandoned in the woods without a map/ the stories I got from knowing you/ we’ve been shit not just through/ not giving up til the ER nurse calls code blue/ never asked for much, never had much/ did we figure out what’s important in all the rush?/ did we let all our dreams get crushed?/ if heaven were a mile away, I’d carry you there/ but it ain’t so you best trudge on like an old mare/ I know you ain’t forgot me and I’ll never forget you/ sometimes I just wish that phone ringing was you/ I hope your mind will let you rest/ until or if we never meet again, I love you and I wish you the best



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