Back in the Saddle

A humble scribe dips his pen in the ink well, hoping that the page will not reveal a story as dull and with as few characters as the author feels his life is. . .

Let’s start off light, maybe just a word association exercise, okay? Giddyup, as Cosmo Kramer said.

Frustrating: politics, work, job hunting, mate searching, traffic, PEOPLE!

Awesome: boxing, GTA V, reggae, family, gardening, Chris Rock jokes, cooking, sleep, FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

Meh: other people’s luxury problems, the stock market, so-called holidays, sports.

I’m trying to decide how big of a fool I want to be, and of course, what kind. An idealistic, hippie, unambitious, yogi, west-coast fool? A spoiled fool? A wannabe gangsta fool? A lonely fool? A brilliant fool? An atheist fool (goes with the last one, no apology). A determined fool? A righteous fool? A cursing fool? A read two chapters of a book and then decide TV is just easier, if not as good–most of the time (fool). A double shot of liquor after work fool? A shoplifting fool? A need to brush my teeth more and meditate (at all) fool? A why-would-anyone-want-to-read-this fool? A my word, the things you’ll read on certain parts of Craigslist fool?

See the fun of this is, I could make up whatever I want, or be magnesium-combustion honest. And you’d never really know. It’s a relationship we have, you readers and I, rather one-sided perhaps, but a relationship, nonetheless. And I cherish it. The Earth loves you. I hold you in contempt. Just kidding. The Earth wants to bury you. The sea wants to drown you. Life ain’t easy. But it’s worth it. Don’t ask Robin Williams. If I made you think, “WTF,” I have done what I decided halfway through this post to do. Be well, friends, and chase your passions.


unrelated, but cool




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