The Cow Town Quirk Editor Endorses US Senator Bernie Sanders for POTUS

Isaac Furtney
Antoinette Jean Albanese
Antoinette Jean Albanese This is your precious Bernie Sanders #1. He was a draft dodger during the Viet Nam Era and now he wants to beCommander and Chief of our troops—What a hypocrite and a coward #2 He wrote perverted and sexist and horrible things about woman in the Vermont Freeman. He is disgusting. #3 He belonged to very controversial political parties in the 60’s and went around ranting and raving and stirring up the masses. Does that sound familiar—-He is brain washing our youth. #4 He didn’t hold a job until he was 40 years old. #5 He puts down the establishment and yet he had no trouble spending the money his wife got from the golden parachute after she left her job. How hypocritical is that. He does not practice what he preaches. Phony Phony Phony Bernie. #6 He has accomplished very little as Senator. He is a good talker but no action on his part. His record shows he got very little accomplished for the people in the Senate. #7 He has scorned the democratic party for years, even put down a Kennedy speech and said it turned his stomach. Yet, he is running on our ticket and getting a free ride, like he has done most of his life. He is a user and a phony. There is a lot more skeletons in his closet. Hillary supporters please feel free to copy and repost. Bernie is a shrewd, phony politician who makes promises but his record shows there will be very little accomplished. The republicans are waiting in the wings to expose all of this. They will have a field day with the fact that he dodged the draft. They will chew him up and spit him out and he will implode. He will never be able to stand up to all the bashing Hillary has to go through and yet she is still the strongest and most qualified candidate out there. Lucy Marsella-Smith

Isaac Furtney
Isaac Furtney This is MY future President of the United States Bernie Sanders:
#1 He was a conscientious objector during Vietnam, and if it’s cowardly to NOT want to go kill people for political reasons, than I am a HUGE coward too.
#2 That’s totally out of context. “In the article, written for an alternative newspaper called The Vermont Freeman, Mr. Sanders imagined male and female sexual fantasies, apparently to illustrate how both sexes have internalized gender stereotypes, which he went on to write were self-defeating.” -New York Times
#3 As a Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) officer, a 20-year-old Sanders leads students in a multi-week sit-in to oppose segregation in off-campus housing owned by the University of Chicago. Yeah, he was a mover and shaker trying to change an unjust system, he still is.
#4 Even if that were remotely true, his “first” job at age 40 would be mayor of Vermont’s largest city.
#5 The Burlington College Board members knew that Mrs. Sanders’ contract included the pay you are referring to. What happened is entirely different than the finance corporations’ CEOs destroying their companies and their employees’ jobs and walking away with MILLIONS.
#6 He voted the right ways, and I’ll let his record speak for itself
#7 The democratic party is a bunch of do-nothing, wussy sell-outs. (I’m a registered democrat :P) A free ride??? His campaign is the most publically funded of any major candidate in this election. People have donated, an average of $30/donor, because they believe in his dreams and they want a revolution for the working people and the oppressed in America.
Lucy Marsella-Smith, I whole-heartedly disagree with every one of your slanderous claims, but I am happy to continue this dialogue, so long as we agree to pursue the TRUTH. By the way, I like Hillary, but I do not believe she will do a better job than Bernie. Elizabeth Warren and Jill Stein are better competition. I think Bernie scares you because, in your heart, you know he is a true revolutionary and WILL get good things done.


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