Free lemonade, running through sprinklers, sand in your butt-crack,

roll up your web and stab it to stake into the ground

run from me, especially my smile

buddy behind BARs, hand him a file

he can work your case, in case you’re in denial

slap the spider with a taste, itchin’ all the while

learn the dance, take the chance, go the extra mile

keep it raw, dress the wound, don’t touch that dial

love it, hate it, shove it, crave it, get up off the tile

pick a pack of pickled peppers, now pickle them in guile

take a dump, wipe your rump and read between the lines

some stones only shine deep inside the mines

summertime what-a-melon, why judge them by their rinds?

lift your chin, pull your weight, don’t give up,  be kind

be patient

this is how the noodle twists, the meatball you’ll soon find

don’t be scared, pull your hair and open up your mind

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