The Rallying Cry

It was almost five years ago that I started this blog with the strange acronym that stands for Improvise Adapt Overcome Serenity Courage Change. It sounds like a hybrid between a military phrase and an Alcoholics Anonymous mantra. I’d like to think that I’m just as capable of those ideals now as when I started. I met a friend for a game of basketball yesterday. Life can be like a rebounding basketball–you’re never quite sure which way it is going to bounce, but you have to go after it all the same. At times I question my identity. Just who and what am I, anyway? I find myself answering, “a writer.” Well, folks, that means putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard–whether I feel like it, or whether the day has taken an unexpected “bounce.” I encourage you to do the same. Whatever it is that you feel makes you who you are, don’t let things get in the way of it. Go out and give it your best shot, day in and day out. We’ll never catch our dreams unless we chase them.

It’s funny how music can take your mind and soul back in time. A few notes of a tune you listened to frequently during a specific time of your life can whisk you back to that state of mind and emotional posture. I hope that, if that happens for you, that you can reflect on the positive aspects of that time, regardless of how trying it may have been.

Recently, I played a game with my girlfriend in which we improvised a song, alternating line by line. It’s the certainty of the unexpected, and yes risk, that makes life so interesting. Thank you for reading and God bless you.surrealist wallpaper

One thought on “The Rallying Cry

  1. I like this entry–your simile about life and basketball, and your reference to music taking a person back to an earlier time. You might consider reading Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, where he also wrote about this idea.


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