Doubt Not My Consistency

Hello, world. I know it has been some time since I have graced you with my wit, and for that I apologize. Seriously though, it’s time I choke out a few words and try to get some accountability with my promise to myself to write more often. If I am more prolific, I have a better chance of making striking art, such as the unknown artist of this Ithaca, NY graffiti mural. Life is good, and that’s not just the drugs talking (talk to your doctor…). I’ve been seeking direction for some time now and am beginning to see options materialize and sort themselves into more or less likely to be desirable.

I feel the need to make a public service announcement in light of some recent personal experiences. Please, please, please drive carefully. My aunt’s neighbor’s son–who is my age–just lost his life behind the wheel, God rest his soul. It breaks my heart, I just listened to his mother talking about him the other day and I walked past his car parked in front of my aunt’s house oblivious as to what would occur so cruelly soon. Also, on a recent hiking trip, I noticed the remains of an old Cadillac at the bottom of a ravine–hundreds of feet below the road. I’ve included a snapshot of it, and, if you look closely, you may be able to make out the writing carved on its side, “DIED DRUNKEN DRIVER.” So whatever that thing is that you do while you’re driving–even though you know it’s dangerous–stop. Let’s try to look out for ourselves and each other until autonomous cars come to save the day.

Thanks for tuning in so to speak and be well and be kind.

This could be you.

This could be you. But it doesn’t have to be.

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