The Con


Scam (Photo credit: mezzoblue)

There are plenty of good, genuine people in the world. Yet there are also those who wish to fool others for personal gain. For instance in the headlines today, there was apparently an interpreter for the deaf at a ceremony for Nelson Mandela (a great man, may he rest in peace) who didn’t know sign language and just wanted some limelight. A New York woman supposedly faked cancer to support a dope habit.

It’s sad, but this idea isn’t anything new or very rare, just ask Flannery O’ Connor. However perhaps the best con-artist of them all is reading this post. That’s right, who holds more of our confidence than ourselves? Personally, I’ve convinced myself of lies that I doubt I would ever let anyone else convince me of. Lies such as, ‘You can’t do that. You’re not good or smart, or strong enough.’ And, as long as I believe it, it’s true.

A wise friend of mine used to say, “Argue for your limitations, and they’re yours.” Today, expect more of yourself. Don’t give in so easily. You can improve your lifestyle and breathe easier with the choices you make. Today argue for your potential. Namaste.


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