!SdRaWkCaB dAeR oHw EsOhT rOf Si YrTeOp


P7258649 (Photo credit: Hunter-Desportes)

“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” -Samuel Langhorne Clemens

an Iceberg had the Titanic sunk

skunked got the dog

on vacation your boss is

white sand nestles between toes

toes cramped, pink blistered heels

Daquiri in hand

sign-off sheet clasped in fingers

the labrador’s stink lingers

air all breathed up by the hare’s open lips

zoomed into by the knight in the sopwith camel with a zip

keep your eye on the pawn’s scurried flight

One day a queen who hath ere bid mice to fie

onward and outward and psych ward we go

searching for Aztec gold in México

amid frozen pine needles a horrible hunger

fighting to slow down our inevitable demise

arms caught in webs of lies

who crowned you Lord of the Flies?


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