Poor Boston & Forget the West





TXThe week of April 14th was a volatile one, with explosions scattering debris over the finish line of the Boston Marathon and the town of West, Texas. I did an informal poll at work on Saturday asking, “What was the biggest piece of news in the media in the last month?” The respondents overwhelmingly answered the Boston incident, which was consistent with what I saw and heard at least on cable news. Although the Boston bombing is a dreadful tragedy, it is outweighed by the heartbreak facing the small Texan community.

The Boston explosion killed at least 3 people, including a child; wounded over a hundred, some of these wounded requiring amputations, was the result of malicious intent, and occured three days before the catastrophe in the Lone-Star State. Needless to say it is worthy of in-depth news coverage, but its coverage overshadowed the Texan explosion to a disturbing degree. Five times as many people died in Texas, most of them volunteer firefighters working to save their town, at least as many were injured as in Boston, and a large percentage of the towns structures were damaged. Proportionally, the Texan disaster was much more significant, despite being less dramatized by the entertainment-business of the modern news media.

The key difference between the two tragedies was the cause; one a simple, yet devastating accident, the other the supposed result of a snide, premeditated assault performed by a pair of Eastern-blooded defectors. Almost cliche at this point, but it’s still just as disappointing. Especially now that the suspects are in custody, does the cause of such a terrible event really matter? Well according to CNN, yes. Shamefully to the degree that West may not received the aid it deserves due to the attention snatching of the hourly-updated Boston coverage. Of course this is not the fault of the Bostonians, may peace be upon them. May the fatalities of both events rest in peace, and may those affected be blessed.

How can we help the victims of these tragedies? That is the pertinent question.

Ways to Help (donate $, blood, etc)

American Red Cross Article on Status of West

Let us always be there for those within any hardships, sleeves rolled up and ready to help pick up the pieces, regardless of cause or clamor.


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