Is Anyone Else Out of Work?

The Idle Class

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I have to take a post to just vent. I’ve been without work for a few months after being fired from a restaurant where I was washing dishes. Talk about humbling. I want to work. I’m ready to work. I just can’t find anything. Everyone says, “Try us in the spring.” Am I supposed to tell my landlord, “Try me for rent money in the spring?” I’m getting sick of the routine of filling out applications, calling managers, and being told the position has already been filled. I could do anything that I’m given a chance and the training to do. Therein lies the problem, there are less chances out there and once you find one, chances are it has less training and less compensation than what you’ve been doing for the last 10 years. It isn’t just ‘bums’ like me who are feeling like lemons being squeezed for Corporate Profit™ brand lemonade, people with bachelor’s degrees cannot find work and are not getting the raises they want to uphold the standard of living they’re accustomed to. For goodness’ sake, I even heard that Mexican migrant fruit pickers are going back across the border.

We must not follow Charlie’s → example (Chaplin, not Sheen, you darned kids) and give up hope. Through voting, protesting, striking, and clamoring for change; we can beat Boehner, the big banksters, and all the other brain-dead, boisterous bullies. It worked for the Vietnam protestors in the 70s. It worked during the Civil Rights movement in the 60s. It worked during the Robber Baron era of the early 20th century. It wasn’t easy, sacrifices were made, noses bloodied, trousers dirtied, spirits exhausted; fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters’ lives lost, but it worked. And it will once again. Not if, when we work together, and disassemble the ‘us versus them’ mentality and help those around us to see as well that it is very much ‘us versus us,’ we will shake the Earth. We will impact our political and economic surface as an asteroid. And when the dust rests and the smoke and fire subside, a new lake bed will take shape. And we will fill this lake bed with positive, equal voiced, righteous ideas. The persecutors and the persecuted will bathe together and bask in the gentle glorious sunlight of redemption. We will re-forge our hearts from iron and rose petals, and have strength and compassion, toughness and empathy, cold judicious wisdom and mother like concern. When this movement, call it Occupy, call it the Tea Party, call it dumb, call it smart, call it good or evil; is found by its leader, the dawn will come. This self-centered hellscape will forever perish from the planet, and Love will rule supreme.


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