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Alright readers, lately I’ve been without a television (gasp, sniffle) and I have had to find other ways to catch up on the news. While there are newspapers, radio stations, and websites, my favorite source of the daily news run down has been Google News. With the scroll of a mouse I can evade irrelevant drivel about sports, celebrities, and certain political articles while having several articles to choose from when I find a news story that is compelling. For example, God bless Whitney Houston, but someone dies every second of each day, and we didn’t make a big deal bout the other 155,000 people who died that day ( While I may write separate posts about the following two issues, I need to address them now. First, let us help the poor Syrian citizens out, even if just via NATO air strikes like we did in Libya. Second, no one start a war between Israel and Iran. Let them work it out. There are at least 8 countries that posses nuclear weapons and Israel may or may not. Personally, I’d like to see all these weapons destroyed, I’m an idealist. I don’t see Iran having nuclear weapons as being much worse than anyone else having them. I suppose my reasoning is flawed due to my hope that no one will use one because they would be afraid of mutually assured destruction. My point is, if we are going to fight, let’s fight for peace. Por favor, dios, cuida de nuestro mundo.


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