The Match-Up


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Liberals vs Conservatives, Women vs Men, Whites vs Blacks/Hispanics/Asians, The Rich vs The Poor,  Americans vs The World, Big Industry vs The Environment, Greed vs Our Best Interests, Robots vs Wrestlers, Pepsi vs Coke. Which side are you on? What is your dharma and how does it influence your karma? Do we have free will, or are we subconsciously manufactured by our surroundings? I think we do enjoy free will, on rare occasions. You’ll know when you’re using it, because you’ll be a wreck. You may be sweating, shaking, dizzy, and need to know the location of the nearest restroom. You may feel like a dry leaf blowing in the wind, and then you stop. You snag on a chain link fence, you could easily have gone through, but you didn’t. Now the wind blows the other way. You’ve done it. A defining moment of your life passed before you recognized it. Oh, but you’ve changed! You glance down and see gentle snow white barbs joined to a sturdy rachis. Float on, little feather, float on.


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