Curious George

Charlie Sheen Winning

1. Why is it that the most attractive creatures on Earth (women) are also the easiest to offend?

God has a sense of humor.

2. Why do some boys have longer hair and tighter jeans than their girlfriends, and what does that say about the girls?

Good F’n questions.

3. Why can’t they put up blackboards for all the public restroom stalls?

Who knows? Procrastination? Not to mention music, no one likes to hear someone straining to ‘build a log cabin.’

4. Why did Charlie Sheen agree to get roasted?

First of all, who cares, that’s awesome! Secondly, money and narcissism. Duh.

5. Is there anyone worth voting for for President in 2012, and will the world end?

No, probably not and no, probably not.


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