Invisible Beauty


I’m looking for my angel. She’s invisible.

Until the exact right moment in time. That precious tick…

She will be the extra gust of wind in my sails

She will be my companion, my confidant, my muse.

We will talk about politics and current events and never get upset over it.

We will explore the world together. One day.

We will only have eyes for each other

We will build a home on our principles

We will laugh, cry, dance, fuck, and yes, argue.

But it’s okay. We love someone because we let them hurt us.

Pain is worth it if God forbid…

I hope love is still real




Cords of delicate delight spice the eve

Unbelievably childish under the picnic table

Dragons puff their chests beyond recognition

Friends float amongst the babes

In ripened 

Deflower the Mayflower

Dreams caught in the static

I run to magic

Behind the roots

Under the stairs

Where the Jaguar sniffs

The Spikey Fruit No One Knows the Name of

Why crawl when you could run through fields that have never known mines.

The river dances over stones and stumps

Raindrops  pierce the under-lit sky

Lush flora weep with willows

And shadows play on beaten paths

Cold Sun lounges, approves

Arms salad

The olive trees cry

Unanticipated constipation of the brain and die are ee ah of the mouth

Of the cave to wind washed Meadows

Lamb sleep wolves surrounding

Cloud covers moon

Cat hops in the street

Foamy seas watch pollen hunt

Unwed feti can’t believe

Tremendous things for you and me

Not cool Venus’ curves

Breath soft on still valleys

Through the fingers and into the icey mud



And tipsy Jacks swing with whispy Janes

While sneakers snuck amongst the graves

Cedar calm and moonlight bright

Shine on in glum delight

And fevers break and eggs yield snakes

Diamond-backed cobras

Steal the base with all due haste

And grab Kant another beer.

Geese flop squawk and crickets plea

For some ancient certainty.

The Maws of Kites

The Moon stared down on Prometheus

Dragon snap droplets 

Splash toes. Ripped cruelly

From tender stems–

Pressed between eye and lid:

Lightning fire

Where the buildings reach for the sky

The buzzard fishes bills

It hears the sun rising

The knoose necked stranger jokes from the scaffold

Plunges the audience’s expectations

The lever sticks

This time next week.

Another blunder swept under.

A predator’s patience boundless perches

Marrow and Mariners diamonds and emeralds

Pollen perched on playful breeze

One must build the tent before the trapeze


these rueful days have cherry-blosom cloud ends

so if we break the fibers to make them stronger

we can scale lunar dunes and

puddles alike

emerald pads guard the surface

rummaging through the needles

a pickled cactus pear watches conspicuously

and eyes hang on elephant ear leaves

dew between toes in a dark thicket

shadowed stalks pass judgment

runnin backwards and falling forwards

the grass tips caress one another and whisper

ignore the reflection right now, imagine deeper

willow herbs wade in handsome shade

and lead the way to mountain passes

which pity all life with furrowed brows

the wave slaps the shore

how has it been? it hasn’t seen it in how long?

…and such

but trade a thousand springs in a thousand meads

for reciprocal complication

and the right note flavoring the air


One Plus One

tempted eyes bait silken desire to groomed webs

whilst secret smiles steal across pure lips red

and lovers roll in noontime bed

invitations carved in starry hearts

watch the steady flights of hungry darts

Soft melodies lull, full of lush tempers

a rainbow rises mid-storm, greeting the travelers

finding peaches piled up high

dreams linger o’er ashen limbs nigh

gentle brushes on a glowing ember

lazy requests, looks tender

time’s restless ghost wonders

honest hearts measure quick blood

how many layers down will we recognize

and yield to the fire without smoke

who’sĀ smoldering smooth as twilit rivers

where rich comforts beg ecstatic shivers